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Quick Poll #4

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One comment on “Quick Poll #4

  1. Kay
    August 15, 2014

    We’ve got the nicest downtown on the North Shore and are lucky to live here. Among other things, the physicality of the layout of the downtown is ideal. I also appreciate the connection of the downtown to the park overlooking the beach at the end of the street and of course the beach itself. Downtown’s proximity to the lovely historic train station and the surrounding beautiful open spaces is another priceless amenity. Just hoping we don’t mess up by convincing ourselves that the town should be changed because of the new Writers Theater. Writers Theater picked Glencoe and we’re excited to have them. But to revamp the nature of the community for them would be a mistake. Yes, people want places to eat and to go and talk before and after the theater, but we shouldn’t try to ramp up too much. Remember, the plans for the theater do not include any additional parking and one of the joys of going to that theater is it’s easy access.

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