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In the news…

“Executive heads weigh in on Downtown Tuneup”

‘The Glencoe Anchor’ posted an article on December 8th summarizing the December 3rd Plan Commission panel discussion featuring Executive Directors of Local Public Bodies.

Article Excerpt: “Continuing the ongoing Downtown Tune Up discussion, the Glencoe Plan Commission invited leaders of Glencoe administrative bodies and local civic leaders for a two-panel discussion Dec. 3 regarding the Village’s downtown business district.  Subscribers to ‘The Glencoe Anchor’ can read more by clicking here.

Meeting Highlights:

At the December 3rd meeting, the Plan Commission hosted two panel discussions as part of the Downtown Tune Up planning process. The first panel featured the Executive Directors from the Park and School Districts, Library, Village, and Family Service of Glencoe – Lisa Sheppard, Cathlene Crawford, Juli Janovicz, Phil Kiraly, and Susan Cowen. Panelists discussed how recent and future trends in their respective organizations will impact demand for services and activities in Downtown Glencoe.

The second panel featured Village residents who previously served on public boards and commissions and included Steve Bisgeier, Margot Flanagin, Scott Javore, Joe Keefe, Hilary Lee, and Mark Piltingsrud. Panelists shared their views on Downtown Glencoe. Redevelopment of the Public Works Garage was discussed theoretically in terms of how such action may contribute to downtown’s vitality.

The scale, walkability, “small town” character, streetscape improvements, and unified appearance in terms of architecture and signage were collectively identified as the strengths of downtown, and the elements that make Glencoe unique.

Those areas needing some “tune up” included updating the design guidelines to ensure the existing cohesiveness is maintained, expanding special events with the goal of attracting all ages and fostering community, providing a productive hangout place for 7th and 8th graders after school, and identifying what will continue to attract people to downtown in order for it to remain sustainable into the future.

2 comments on “In the news…

  1. Robert Zahniser
    December 15, 2014

    If the Commission’s goal of “updating the design guidelines to ensure the existing cohesiveness is maintained” would be to prohibit more buildings such as the proposed WRITERS’ THEATRE, then I oppose this goal. Glencoe is honored to be home to innovative design by such stellar architects as the world-renowned Jeanie Gang. Diverse architectural styles need to be encouraged, not discouraged (reference the 12/9/2014 GLENCOE NEWS article entitled “Writers Theatre design sparks downtown planning discussion).

  2. Gillian Goodman
    April 19, 2015

    Think it is important to access real estate developers and real estate agents, to GET it out to the retail community that Glencoe can be and will be a vibrant shopping attraction when Writers is up and running in the new building .
    The apathy amongst developers is real

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