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Views and News from the Chairman | December 2014

As 2014 winds down, a refrain is overheard in town: “The year went so fast!” “Where did the time go?”

We have a million things to do, every day. And we manage to handle them…somehow…some way. Zooming out to see the big picture is harder, and we have so little time to do it. Zooming out…to see our families, our lives, our community, our world.

In Glencoe, our residents have always involved themselves in a dialogue about the issues of the day; they have always concerned themselves about questions involving right and wrong.

And they have always worked to build a coherent and close community that reveres the family, education, our precious open spaces, and the development of body and mind in our children.

This is a Glencoe legacy. And it is a Glencoe commitment to the future.

The Downtown Glencoe TuneUp has given Village public officials, staff, residents, and everyone who works in and visits our Village an opportunity to stop and think about the present and the future for our town center.

  • What can our Village be, in the coming decades?  What is our best future?

  • What preserves our extraordinary heritage of genuine intimacy and gathering in our downtown?

  • How can we prosper in a millennial age about which we still know relatively little?

One thing is sure: we are families, we are meet-and-greeters, we are dog-lovers and cat-lovers and neighborly individuals who cherish the intimacy of community and the community of close connection.

In a world that spins toward the viral content of universal curiosity…..we in Glencoe draw the line. Not for us, the celebrity of curiosity and oddity. Not for us, the publicity of the hearkened public statement. We celebrate the private moments: the genuine connection, the warmth of connection, the familiar smile of welcome.

Glencoe is home.  More than anything…Glencoe is home.

As we look toward 2015…a year in which the downtown Glencoe TuneUp—after months of invaluable listening–will consider planning issues and questions affecting the coming decades in our town center…let us focus on Glencoe as…our home. Join us in 2015 as we continue the dialogue about our Village town center, and its role as our communal “home”.

Home for the holidays…and home for the future.


A happy and healthy New Year to you and yours!

– Caren Thomas, Chairman at Village of Glencoe Plan Commission

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