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Views and News from the Chairman | January 2015

After the fun and frenetic pace of the holiday season, it’s time to regroup. And often, our thoughts focus on health: fitness, finances, and figuring out our optimal resource allocation for the new year.

At the Glencoe Plan Commission, with the new year in front of us….we are doing just that: gathering valuable expert information and advice about our own local downtown economy and asking the Village’s planning staff to begin a Glencoe-specific conversation with us–and our community–about how to safeguard the atmosphere and “feeling” of our cherished town center, while planning for economic sustainability and health in the first century of the new Millennium.

My fellow Commissioners might be tired of hearing me mention that, in l996, when our current Comprehensive Plan was prepared, the cutting edge issue (subject to much scoffing and doubts!) was whether people would ever really work from home, let alone run businesses from home or at a location remote from the company headquarters. Fortunately, Glencoe is a village that embraces both tradition AND innovation, and the work-from-home concept was included in the ’96 plan.

What are comparable issues today? Where is the cutting edge? What do we need to think about, and anticipate, to encourage and support the health of our town center?

We welcome everyone’s views about the future. The Village Board of Trustees has asked the Plan Commission to consider this issue. We will consider this NOW, so that as change occurs the heart of our community can stay very much the SAME, in terms of its character.

Changing so that we stay the same?

Well, that is positively, unmistakably Glencoe! A concept that could sound absurd, but only outside our Village boundaries.

Inside the Village, we get it.

We want our town center to always remain at the heart of Village life. We want the warmth, the meet-and-greet atmosphere, the dogs, the kids, the Library, the Theatre, the public spaces, the sense of gathering and intimacy.

So at this time of year, when our personal thoughts turn to fitness and health….join in the conversation about the economic sustainability, fitness and overall health of our central business district. There is nothing “wrong” with it—it’s not broken!

On the contrary, many communities envy our special little downtown, as a perfect jewel. Perfectly sized, and perfectly located. The issue is, how do we sustain and maintain what we love, by being smart about what the future could bring, by firmly articulating the qualities that we hope will forever remain, and by embracing the innovations that will preserve the best part of our traditions.

– Caren Thomas, Chairman at Village of Glencoe Plan Commission

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